We will contribute to SDGs​
for society and the future


  • Through our business activities, we contribute to the realization of a sustainable society.
  • We strive to become a trusted company by continuously advancing our efforts in line with the SDGs.
  • We aim to create new value from SDGs and shape the future of FUJIYA.
target scheme

We promote issue resolution by advocating 4 key themes

Internal targets

We extract issues stemming from internal factors and build
systems to contribute to people and society.

theme 01Environment/energy

  • ISO14001
  • Carbon neutral
  • Disposal issue

theme 02Work style/Education

  • Health
  • Working environment
  • Education
  • Diversity & Inclusion

External targets

We contribute to solving social issues through
projects and create new future value through
the power of innovation.

theme 03Project

  • Regional revitalization/Regional culture promotion
  • Environmentally friendly exhibition
  • Sustainable construction methods/Materials

theme 04Innovation

  • Online business
  • Metaverse/DX
  • Circular economy


Environmental Climate

Our commitment to environmental initiatives goes beyond fulfilling social responsibility; it aims to enhance added value and contribute to profit generation through environmental activities. In other words, we intend to expand environmental activities with a focus on our core business operations, promote them internally and externally, and thereby increase the value of our company.
Furthermore, by integrating EMS (Environmental Management System) into our FMS (FUJIYA Management System), we aim to disseminate the management systems developed through environmental activities throughout our organization. This will solidify the Fujiya brand and, as a result, enhance client satisfaction (CS). We strive to foster an environmental culture where such perspectives and awareness are deeply rooted.

Environmental Policy

In our business activities, We actively engage in environmental initiatives and work under the following policy to promote resource efficiency and environmental conservation:

We will establish and implement an environmental management system and continually improve the system to achieve our objectives and goals and prevent pollution.
We will comply with environmental laws, regulations, agreements, and self-imposed standards while also conducting education, training, and awareness activities for environmental conservation and system operation.
When setting objectives and goals, we will consider the following:
・Resource conservation and energy efficiency in our business activities.
・The challenge of developing new business models aimed at building a circular economy.

Environmental Vision and Environmental Goals for Fiscal Year 2023

In accordance with our environmental policy, we have established more specific visions and environmental goals. By setting clear objectives for each fiscal year, each of our employees practices environmental management within their daily tasks.

Environmental Objectives

To enhance the FUJIYA brand and contribute to profit generation by aligning the efforts of all FUJIYA employees towards conducting environmental activities that benefit society.

Target Values

【Environmental Goals】
Aiming to achieve the SDGs through efforts to reduce environmental impact, etc.
【Target Metrics】
1. Understanding the outcomes of environmentally friendly event practices.
2. Transitioning towards ethical consumption.
3. Dissemination of SDGs activity reports and hosting of seminars.
4. Undertaking initiatives based on materials (such as study sessions and seminar participation).