• The 5th Adhesives & Bonding EXPO, CEMEDINE Pavilion

The 5th Adhesives & Bonding EXPO, CEMEDINE Pavilion


The Adhesives & Bonding EXPO is an exhibition where everything from adhesive materials to bonding equipment and technologies gather under one roof. Cemedine Corporation proposed adhesive solutions that contribute to the realization of carbon neutrality in the manufacturing of automotive interiors and exteriors, in-vehicle components, electronic components, home appliances, and other products.

Task/ Theme

Cemedine made the following two major requests:

  • To promote adhesive solutions that contribute to the realization of carbon neutrality.
  • To design a social distance-responsive booth in light of the current situation.

Spce design solution/ Implementation

The exhibition booth design concept can be verbalized as "CONNECT”. With Semedain's corporate vision of 'Connecting things to things, matters to matters, and people to people, leading to the advancement of technology and the realization of a prosperous society' as the theme, the booth was designed to represent this connection through white lines running throughout the entire booth."A large arch welcomed visitors, creating a space where many encounters could take place. 

The exhibition on carbon neutrality was prominently displayed on the walls facing the passages and arranged in a way that allows visitors to view it along the traffic flow, thereby highlighting the company`s adhesive solutions. The zoning for business discussions and exhibitions was clearly separated. We designed the space using different floor markings, sign displays, and the installation of acrylic partitions to ensure a safe and comfortable environment for face-to-face consultations.

株式会社フジヤ 第5回接着・接合EXPO セメダインブース画像The zoning within the booth was arranged to separate the exhibition and consultation areas.

株式会社フジヤ 第5回接着・接合EXPO セメダインブース画像Starting with the display of adhesive solutions on the outside of the booth, visitors were guided to the exhibits inside the booth.

株式会社フジヤ 第5回接着・接合EXPO セメダインブース画像Consultation area. Guiding signs on the walls and floor markings to maintain distance.

We review infection control measures from various perspectives and propose exhibition booth design that enhances safety through precise methods.

For more information, please see the solution contents‘Event NEXT General’.

General information


Chiba Pref., Makuhari, Makuhari Messe 

Open period

8 – 10 December, 2021

Job responsibilities

 Planning / Design / Layout / Construction