• Gold & Grand Prix Awards! Bringing Japan’s Authentic Floral Culture to the World

Gold & Grand Prix Awards! Bringing Japan’s Authentic Floral Culture to the World

International Horticultural Exposition in Almere 2022, Japan Exhibition Pavilion

We were in charge of conceptualization, architectural design, construction, and operation of the Japan Exhibition Pavilion at the International Horticultural Exposition (Floriade) held in Almere, the Netherlands, over the six-month period beginning April 2022.

 Under the theme "SATOYAMA Farm Garden", the Pavilion transported visitors to the Kanto Plain's idyllic farmhouses and residential forests. It was a celebration of Japan's traditional, eco-conscious lifestyle and its rich floriculture, mirroring the exposition's core theme, "Growing Green Cities". 

The Japan Pavilion was the recipient of the prestigious Gold Award in the Indoor category of the Official Awards, and the Grand Prix of the AIPH Awards. The Pavilion integrates creative expressions that resonate with the changing seasons and the exhibition's overarching themes, receiving widespread acclaim.
※AIPH is the abbreviation for Association Internationale des Producteurs del'Horticulture (fr.).

Click here for award details:  https://www.fujiya-net.co.jp/news/20221122

General information


the Netherlands, Almere


14 April – 9 October 2022

Job responsibilities

Architectural planning and construction / Interior design planning and  construction / Exhibition planning / Operation


Ayako Nishibori

Award details

“Floriade Expo 2022 The Indoor category of the Official Awards”, Gold Award
“International Association of Horticultural Producers (AIPH) Awards”,Grand Prix
“42nd Display Industry Awards (2023)", Encouragement Award